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Our Story So Far

Andrew & Tanuja Crawford

How we got to where we are

See updates below!

During the 80’s and 90’s we worked as independent mortgage brokers offering a range of financial products and services that enabled people to buy houses and ideally help them save money at the same time.

Early in the 90’s we became involved in the sales and distribution of what was then known as ‘notebook’ computers. These were the pre-runner to the good old laptop. Laptops and indeed all computer equipment at the time were expensive to buy, so there was a market to supply good quality unbranded laptops at much lower prices than you could buy in the high street.

As the new century dawned we were looking for a new direction. In 2001 we set up our holiday accommodation business offering a better product than the big operators, and in most cases at much lower prices. Tanuja was dealing with the sales and marketing whilst Andrew dealt with the IT and web development side of things.

Looking back over the years, much of our working lives has been about helping people find good products at low prices. EcoSavePlus is about doing just that. Good green, ethical and environmentally friendly products designed to save money and help the planet.

04 May 2012 Andrew says:

For the last few years having earned a living by sitting behind a computer screen spending endless hours tapping the keyboard and mouse, I felt that I needed to get out more, get involved in the community and do something good.

Wikaniko filled that gap. The products are ethically sound, plus they are cheap. It also gave me that opportunity to get out a bit more and speak to people instead of doing all my communication by email.

06 June 2012 Andrew says:

It dawned on me today how nice our Wikaniko customers are. It just seems that the people we deal with in this line of business are genuinely nice people. It stands to reason though that nice people care. They care about the future, they care about the planet and they care about their homes, the products they use, and the way they live.

I guess it is fortunate that the not-so-nice people don’t deal with us. They do not want to look at a Wikaniko catalogue, and if they do, they are not likely to place an order. So unlike other businesses serving the public, we don’t need to serve the not-so-nice people as they exclude themselves anyway. Everyone’s a winner!

04 October 2012 Andrew says:

Life’s funny sometimes. When we started this business 6 months ago, there were people around us who seemed rather sceptical about it all. If I mentioned this business in an email it would often go ignored or if it was discussed face to face I would get the distinct impression that they were not really that interested, or saw it as some kind of green-wash or a scam. Let’s face it though, not everyone is interested in a greener brighter future for everyone and making money out of it at the same time. But how things change. Some of the very same people are now asking us for catalogues, and asking us for goods. But it just goes to show that all the little things we do in this remarkable eco-friendly business really add up and have a longer lasting and longer-term effect.

10 November 2012 Andrew says:

Well, what a rock-and-roll month October was!

With our group retail sales tipping the £1400 mark this month and us achieving the promotion to Direct Distributor as a result, I am really pleased with the way that our Wikaniko business is working out. Also the Movember ‘tash is coming along nicely, I’ll put something on Facebook

13 March 2013 Andrew says:

We now have 16 new recruits on the books selling Wikaniko products. Some of them are doing well, some of them not so well, but we have decided to ease back a bit on our own product retailing to concentrate more on building our team.

Running a Wikaniko business is very labour intensive in the early days. There are lots of people to see and talk to, lots of catalogues to deliver and collect, then we need to place the orders, then deliver the goods and collect payments, all with very little return in the early days as most of the profit gets absorbed on running costs for the business.

But as the team starts to build, and other people are; doing the selling, the ordering, the delivering and managing their own Wikaniko businesses, we see a regular commission cheque coming through.

I had seriously thought about giving up on Wikaniko this year, mainly due to the time it demanded of me. But when we are now getting paid for what is in effect all the hard work we did last year, it would be a daft time to stop. We plan to now spend another year with Wikaniko but just concentrating on our team’s development.



Andrew Crawford
Independent Distributor for Wikaniko Ltd


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